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Simplify each authentication flow and secure your national identitypasby™ is free. Link up in a few taps.

pasby™ is a flow. Every action is smooth, simple and recognizable.

Everything in our lives requires authentication/signing in.Every electronic transaction requires confirmation. This is how you ease those activities with pasby™

Easy and secure login

No more need for email entries, mother's maiden name, passwords or usernames! Yeah those weird stuffs you struggle to keep track off. With a pasby™, you easily and securely prove who you are.

Create accounts with ease

With pasby™, creating, registering a new account, or subscribing to a website is very simple. With a click, your nin, or a scan, you enter your name, address, place of residence, and phone number.

Confirm transactions safely and easily

You use pasby™ to approve or confirm actions, payments or orders. For each action, you can see all the details, e.g., the amount and the beneficiary.

Sign documents online and more

An electronic signature with pasby™ has the same legal value as a handwritten one if not more authentic and compact. Signing with your smartphone is super easy.

It's live in Nigeria

Activate your account in just 2 minutes! Download our app to create your pasby™ using your Nigerian passport, NIN, and BVN to link your national identity.

pasby™ stands out easily.

With a strong branding and button preference you can always tell what platform partners pasby™ acknowledges. Always keep an eye for our button variations.